About the Author

Stephanie Solomon studied a Law LLB and a Law LLM  degree in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. During her LLM she undertook research for her final dissertation which discussed the treatment of black male suspects within police custody.

Whilst studying both Law degrees, she has written about issues relating to Criminal law, Family law and Medical Ethics. Some of her previous written work has addressed:

– Childhood as a Social Construct

– The Benefits of Restorative Justice When Dealing With Victims of Hate Crimes

– The Development of Race Hate Crime in England and Wales

– The Effectiveness of ASBOs in the London Borough of Brent

Her areas of interest include youth offenders, hate crime, human rights, the prevention of crime and finding working initiatives to support victims.

She previously worked for the UK Ministry of Justice and currently works within Appeals and Litigation  at the Home Office.

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