Ortega (remittal; bias; parental relationship) [2018]

Ortega (remittal; bias; parental relationship) [2018] UKUT 00298 (IAC)

As stated in paragraph 44 of R (on the application of RK) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Section 117B(6): “parental relationship”) IJR [2016] UKUT 00031 (IAC), if a non-biological parent (“third party”) caring for a child claims to be a step-parent, the existence of such a relationship will depend upon all the circumstances including whether or not there are others (usually the biologically parents) who have such a relationship with the child also. It is unlikely that a person will be able to establish they have taken on the role of a parent when the biological parents continue to be involved in the child’s life as the child’s parents.


Courtesy of the EIN.

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